PM 10 Msg per day limit

The PM feature was a great addition to AF. Cheers. But, I ran into an odd feature, which I somewhat understand may be a spam blocker. There is a 10 PM limit per day. I was in a dialogue with someone and it just maxed out and gave me a countdown timer to when I could send the next message (lol). Technically, we could just carry on the conversation elsewhere, but that would detract from coming to the AF site. Is this feature primarily to block bots from sending messages to something like 100 users at a time? Is there a way to enable something like a limit to ~2,3,5,10 unique users per day rather than 10 messages per day? I’m just not a big fan of limits/constraints. I just found this a bit odd.

That limit is in place because the PM system has been used by spammers to send messages to multiple members. Are you hitting the limit frequently?