PM- Individual & Institutional

Ok- why is it that months ago when I looked at these topics…I said to myself “wow- this is it?!..this is the meat & potatoes of L3?”…and now that I am going back over them and trying to answer essay questions…I am getting my a$* handed to me!..I’m posting just to make sure I’m not the only 1 in this situation- any takers?

dude, you are already taking the tests, you are ahead of the curve…I’m still reading the material and I guess I will put up a posting like this one in a few weeks!

Welcome to level 3…likewise, I am getting killed on essay questions. Simpley put, I am not very good at writing the answer on paper.

ditto… initially, i thought why are ppl making such a big deal of l3… this is simple… but now… i’m currently on alternative assets and i’m wondering how am i going to remember all the little details to incorporate it into essay questions… as stand alone, each session earns some comprehension, all of them together- complete hotch potch!

Seriously!! I officially declare that L3 is the hardest in all levels.