PM Individual return calculation partial credit

After doing dozens of questions on PM-Individual return calculation and 10 mocks I have to regretfully admit that only once I have arrived at the correct answer. I understand the material but always I make some stupid mistake like not subtracting something from asset base or not adding something to expenses etc. I am not giving up on this yet, but still, for some mental satisfaction, do you guys have any idea how much partial credit one can procure if say I get the calculation wrong but the objective correct along with investable assets or expenses correct?

This is a sure question in the AM for 8-12 marks and I honestly dont want to get it wrong. Any suggestions how not to make silly mistakes in this?

I am the same. I think there have only been a couple of occasions where I have got the perfect final return %.

If I got the asset base correct, and expenses, but then added tax after inflation rather than before, I’d probably give myself 50% of the marks. Lose 25% for wrong method at a stage and 25% for wrong final number.

A related question - when they ask you to state the return objective - how much detail do you go into?

One question I saw had 12 marks, including for the descriptive and the calc. How would the marks be split between the two: 4/8?

I think the calc was relativelty straightforward if you plucked the correct numbers.

I mostly mark it 0. It’s mainly because of this question that I am scoring around 55% in AM.

I just state the objective shortly eg: cover inflation adjusted expenses and fund childrens education

Objective might have a lower weight, more like 2/8. Cant say for sure though.