Podcast/Audio Learning

I was wondering if there were any worthwhile audio lessons or podcasts that one would recommend for commuting/listening throughout the day? I will be using Schweser to prepare for the exam and have access to the videos, but they may not be as useful unless they can be watched as well. I am not referring to a primary source of learning, but perhaps another way of engraining the material.


I bought they schweser audiobooks, which are the only option I’m aware of. I like audiobooks and I think they are more useful for level 3 than 2 since it’s more qualitative. The narrator isn’t the best but definitely isn’t the worst either.

I had no idea those existed…good to know. Thanks!

I’ve been listening to the Allen audiobooks. I think I had to order them over the phone and it was $100. They’ve been good. The reader has a pleasant voice.

if you are ONLY listening to the podcast / audio material - please make sure they reflect the current curriculum with all its changes. The reason I make the above statement is - when I was looking at the materials from various providers while I was studying - Allen Resources was the one that was furthest behind in terms of updating their materials - their questions, readings etc. were a long way behind the current changes.

Additionally - IMHO - just listening on Level 3 makes no sense at all. You need to practice the read-understand-write concisely-do not fall for tricks and traps mode multiple times over. Just a word and the way you interpret the same - and the way you go about writing the answer to a question asked makes a hell of a difference.