Podcast covering all LOS

Would you guys be interested in a podcast summarizing all the LOS and reviewing the key concepts? You’d be able to review all topis while traveling / commuting. Formulas would not be covered but focus would be on a general understanding, the ideas behind formulas, and in what form to each LOS might come up during the exam. The idea is to do a much shorter and more comprehensive version than the Schweser videos. The individual podcasts will show you where you need to work more and which topics you fully understand.

Are you the provider?

It will benefit many commuting (and non-commuting) test takers for sure!

Wiley Efficient Learning has an app in which you can download the video lectures; with the exception of a few more formula intensive topics (Quant, Derivatives) I found these videos quite comprehensive. The audio of these videos will play over Bluetooth as you drive for commute, and I’ve done this on a number of occasions studying for Level II. It may be a good alternative for you in place of podcast.

Yes I am the provider. I’d upload the podcast for free and then everybody who wants can make a donation afterwards (for example once you find out if you passed)