Which Podcasts do you guys listen and subscribe to ?

have you posted pics of neighbors cooking stuff outside yet?


Tom Woods Show

Motley Fool


Contra Krugman

Masters in business

Bill Burr Monday morning podcast

Tim Ferris experiment

I have taken the pics , I don’t know how should I upload them …

Weak ass edit, live with the error and shame

In Our Time and A History of The World in 100 Objects both from the BBC

Masters in Business - interviews with financial and business heavyweights, really well done

Tony Kornheiser Show - Radio show from the white guy on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption

Jocko Podcast - retired Navy Seal discusses books and leadership

Masters in Business - couple other people listed this already but they interview some really well known and interesting people in the fincial world

Flash Forward - just started this but it’s pretty good

Planet Money - not all episodes are good but some of it is interesting

The Tim Ferris Show - I was into this for a while but I’ve kind of soured on this one. He interviews some interesting people but I get the impression that he’s such a phony…

This American Life

TED Radio Hour


I listen to Tim Ferris show alot, but I often feel he himself has no value to add most often and you could put a robot instead of him asking the same questions.What is your morning routine,etc .The diversity and lack of expertise he has prevents the show from getting a better review from me.

Gone through about 5-6 of these in the past two days. Really cool stuff.

Glad you like it!

Occasionally there’s a snoozer…But most of them are pretty good.

I started listening to them when I started taking the train to work about a year and a half ago.

Serial - Anyone that liked Making a Murderer would really like Serial

Norm MacDonald


WTF - but I only listen to it when someone really interesting is on. Marc Maron tends to annoy me

Things you should know

How stuff works