Points per LOS

Figured I’d share this for any of you who are attempting to do last minute review on some of the topics / sections…

Below is a neat little stat that shows you the points per LOS for each of the topics, might help you decide what to review:

Topic Point Per LOS

  • Ethics 4.15
  • Quant .49
  • Econ .36
  • FRA .65
  • Corp Finance .67
  • PM .64
  • EQ .60
  • FI .98
  • Derv .47
  • AI 1.54

Better start studying those Alt Investments

AI has more points than FRA, I guess FRA is less important. We really should focus more on AI.

and how did u come up with this?

I guess (Total Exam Points * Weight of Topic)/ # LOS

i see.

so not a good guide on which LOS one should focus. :wink:

Not necessarily. Given that remaining study time is restricted the marginal utility theory (Econ) just tells us to focus on the above high ranked items (under the assumption that your current overall knowledge is equal distributed over all topics).

Just shows you where the emphasis on Ethics is