Policy violation?

During the AM session, one proctor came to my desk and tore off the cover of my eraser, didn’t say anything and left. Someone told me it might be a violation of the test policy, I am nervous now, dont want to sit again in December :frowning:

A proctor in my exam in Edinburgh, Scotland, told the person sitting next to me that ‘you aren’t allow paper round your rubber’…rubber means eraser in the uk…He then took the paper from the person. I don’t think they will send a report to the CFAI about that, though.

It happen to me, just came and took it away. I was so focused that I didn’t even noticed it (thought she went for the passport). Don’t worry about it.

Thanks guys, hope everything would be fine

Happened to me as well. But it was ok. Proctor did not mention to me any thing.

When I took Dec 08, this happened to me before the exam. But Proctor kindly asked me to take it off. I’m sure it’s same even if he doesn’t say anything. Not a violation because I passed.