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Curious what the forum’s view is on limiting political discussion and killing the MAGA and Biden vs Trump threads? Seems like little value add.

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Also let me know how the poll is working, first attempt.

Yes, poll is working.

My .02 - I kinda like the political discussion, but maybe we don’t need to spam the boards with it. Maybe the mods can try to contain all political discussion into a few threads. The Bogleheads Mods (whom I generally detest, but not for this reason) do the same thing. When two (or more) threads are similar, they merge them together.

If the decision is made to go the Communist route, I suggest locking and not nuking. There is a lot of valuable information in there that future generations will want to pour over to get a real time view of how The Great Awakening played out between the sheep and the woke.

agree. pretty much everything terd posts is garbage. leave the threads and only let him post in his own thread

Why not just kill off the discussion completely though? The incessant politics is ruining this place.

the politics discussions are fine imo. there is some good stuff there. watching s2k embarrass hp is pretty funny too. once conspiracy theories get posted it goes off the rails.

A moderate amount of non-wacky political discussion isn’t bad, IMHO. It’s something that we’re all interested in, and probably have an opinion on. And I like reading good, well thought-out political commentary by HP.

Yes, the over-the-top cr-p from T-rd is more annoying, as are the incessant rap lyrics posted by Nerdy.

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damn that makes me sad… lol i’ll try to reduce it though. where else can i combine finance with rap music!

ari melbers discord tiktac

You give me far too much credit.

Most Trump supporters embarrass themselves; I merely note it.

By the way, I think that hp is fundamentally a good guy; why he’s gaga about Trump is beyond my understanding.

It’s because he’s an American, and a patriot.
If you hate Trump, then you hate America.
Love it or leave it.


Thanks, Greenman! Another good laugh to start the day!

The only threads that have had moderate level of activity recently have been the MAGA and Trump vs Biden threads. IMO, many posts in both threads are written tongue-in-cheek and shouldn’t rile anyone up too much. I also would like to keep getting daily updates on the new world order from Terd so I hope the threads will remain open.

For their comedic effect, I trust.

I think you’re a good guy as well!

I try to keep politics in the main threads. I try not to start a new ones often

Less political nonsense = way better.

And by nonsense I mean fanboy clubs squatting in AF. I’m sure Trump would throw them a few dollars if they wanted to go knocking on doors. I really don’t see the point in putting so much effort into a site with maybe 20 viewers per day.


Big/important topics are okay. But most of the political discussion lately is uninformative nonsense.