Political Instability - Can I change location of my exam?

Do you guys know if it is possible for me to change the location of the exam and get a new ticket? I live in Lebanon and it is definitely not stable at all. Im afraid that things might become worse and we’d end up not sitting for the exam.

Guess not :confused:

ask your local CFA charter president. how many CFA charter holders are there in lebanon?

Im not sure to be honest; however, things are deteriorating day by day… I’ll give them a call tomorrow i guess.

on the bright side, if you are ever kidnapped by rebels or thrown in prison by the government, you can offer to hedge their military funding or cross-border purchases with swaps and futures, so that they can have less risk in pursuing their onslaught

I think your odds of being killed as a CFA L3 candidate are probably less than the average hostage.

First and foremost–be safe brother. If you really don’t feel safe I would contact the CFAI. I’m sure they will assure you about your safety during the exam, of course getting there is another story…

On the bright side, given the situation I’m sure you won’t forget that unstable politicial and social environments are a risk of investing in emerging markets.

I actually live in the capital (beirut) and the instability is in the north… It has been deteriorating for the past 2 weeks and its still in north, but to be on the safe side and not reach a stage where it would be too late to see if its possible to sit for the exam in another country like turkey/cyprus, im going to call tomorrow and see if there’s a posibility to sit for the exam outside of Lebanon. Based on the info on the website, it says that the deadline was in April, bah … I hope things dont get any worse.

PS: no rebels or dictatorship here lol …

Not to get off topic, or to date myself, but my father was in Beirut with the Marines (1950’s, not 1980’s). He always said it was one of the most beautiful countries he saw during his sea deployment.

i changed mine. but there is a deadline tho. go check

It is definitely a beautiful country but never politically stable :slight_smile:

Deadline was in April …

Chill dude, I am Lebanese. Nothing is going on in Lebanon. This is Lebanon. This is how it has been for 80 years. The odds of this causing an exam cancelation are tiny.

status quo bias.

Material nonpublic information? dude check what happened when may 7 events broke out.

March 19 was the deadline for Religious Alternate Date accomodation.


Anyway contact CFAI.

Hope for the best.

The exam is in AUB which as far as I know is one of the safest spot in the entire middle east, not even the Lebanese army has permission to enter it. The syrian nationalists put their flags outside medical gate on may 7 and did not even walk one inch inside, even though they were controling all of hamra on that day.

The university is under the new york state board of education and the US embassy takes speachil interest in protecting it, as evident by the embassedor frequently being in the university.

Oh yeh and on may 7 I was chilling in AUB at west hall, probably the location of your exam.