Poll - CFAI books or Schweser for L3 2014

Are candidates studying with the CFAI books or Schweser? I’m assuming people who are going to study with Schweser notes will supplement with CFAI EOC and blue boxes, etc., but just want a poll on whether you’ll be relying on Schweser or CFAI books for the actual material? Thanks!

I’ll tell you August 6 sometime after 9 am

Both AND Finquiz…

I’m going with:

Schweser Videos and Notes

Finquiz Practice Questions

CFAI EOCs and Mocks.

Note–took the L3 exam in 2013, awaiting results.

I used Schweser videos, notes, Q-bank, and practice exams. Also used CFAI EOC’s and mock exams. I did not crack the CFAI books for anything other than EOC’s.

Just curious: for those who have used both Schweser and CFAI materials (or are planning on doing so), would you read the curriculum first then review with Schweser notes, or read Schweser first then do a deeper dive with the curriculum?

I never had the luxury of asking myself that question before (Dec L1 / Jun L2, i.e. curriculum not an option). Probably won’t be gutsy enough to read both, but interested in hearing your thoughts.

People usually start with curriculum then schweser, I remember doing this once.

But for level III, I decided to read schweser 2013 first (from 1 Sept to 30 Nov), then start studying the curriculum and stick to my study plan (from 1 Dec). I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but I’m really worried about level III

Curriculum. Supplement w/Schweser

I’m just worried if I read CFAI first, then Schweser (or vice versa), it’ll actually take up more time coz’ I’ll be like highlighting the text all over again. So I’m just hoping to stick to either one of them.

Assuming you go w/the Schweser package that includes videos (which also includes the Q-bank for total ~$1000) rather than ordering individual products, are you just not planning to use the Schweser Q-bank? Wondering if FQ practice ?'s at L3 continue to be better than Sch. Q-bank. Can’t decide whether I should buy the FQ discounted package w/the smart summaries/notes/?'s in addition to the Schweser package as I too am planning to use Sch Notes + Vids.

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After getting everything >70 in L1 only using Schweser I just got band 7 Level 2 so I can’t tell you how to pass but I can tell you how I failed! I ONLY relied on Schweser notes, Q-bank and 2 mocks. I did about 1500 questions from the bank…which, for me, wasn’t even close to having me prepared for the exam. After the exam I reviewed the CFAI books; Blue Boxes, and EOC and they seem to be more representative of the questions I encountered on the exam. I’ve also reviewed Finquiz sample questions and they are far more difficult than what I saw in the Schweser Q bank. Finquiz has a special offer that ends today where you can get their entire suite of materials for $160 using offer code 60JULY2013. I’m definitely going to augment my preparation this time around with Finquiz as well as Elan Videos who currently provide about 40% off if you didn’t pass the exam EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T USE THEM LAST TIME AROUND. I think this ends today too.

Schweser does a great job of highlighting the most important topics on the exam whereas the CFAI books don’t emphasize anything…everything is equally important. That being said, I think it makes sense to review the Schweser notes first to get an idea of the most heavily tested topics and then go to the CFAI materials to deepen your understanding. Of course, reinforcing with a ton of questions from multiple sources is manditory to pass L2 IMHO. Good Luck!

Just curious when will schweser notes available? My friend said September, another said December

x2 - I used Schweser at 99% and am very confident. But, I could always be surprised on the 6th. Will advise then!

Thank you, fight4life - and best of luck to you on August 6th!

+1. I liked Schweser for carrying around with me when I had a quick moment to study. When I had focused study time, I benefited most from the CFA curriculum questions. I would take past CFA exams rather than the Schweser mock exams.

According to my Schweser order form: 10/29 (print notes) and 11/19 (online notes).

Schweser is fine. If you understand their material front and back you will score 80%+ on every section. I don’t like actually reading them because they have a fair number of math mistakes, atrocious grammar, and are generally poorly written. I’m not sure how some of those authors manage to publish…Or maybe they don’t and that’s why they work for a test prep company. But in terms of coverage, it’s excellent and you’ll just waste your time with the extra pages in the official books. I’m not a fast reader so I always used Schweser exclusively - bit of a procrastinator so never got to their practice tests for L2/L3, but on L1 they seemed very representative of the actual questions, a bit tougher in fact.

For L3, when I walked out of the exam room I felt like I had been completely prepared after one pass through with Schweser. No other material I would have wanted to see nor spend more time on.

It’s my second attemt for the Level 3 exam. In my first studies, I used CFA curriculum, Schweser Qbank and practice exams (including the Schweser mock exam and CFA mock exam). Obviously, I didn’t prepare well enough.

In my second year, I used only Schweser video lectures, Qbank and practice exams (including the Schweser mock exam and the CFA mock exam). This time I also used practice exam, which includes only the muptiple choice questions. I strongly recommend using practice exam (it is 40$ per piece and there are two exams).

I’ve never used Schweser notes, which is why I can’t comment. But my recommendation as a “senior” Level 3 candidate:

Do not read a lot of material. In other words, don’t use both CFA curriculum and the Notes. I would go with the Notes. Judging from the video lectures, I can tell that the Notes are well prepared. DO NOT READ A LOT! Try to solve many questions (Qbank, practice exams and the mock exams) so that you really understand the material. Also, the questions at the end of each reading in the cirriculum is also in your to do list. You don’t have to read 6000+ pages or spend 600+ hours in order to understand the material. Just read the concept using Notes and then understand concepts using the questions.

CFAI Books + arif videos

Lol. Russian Federation thanks a lot. Schweser it is. Love the emphasis on the do not read part. Will do more practice Qs and videos