Poll for non-native English speakers

For those of you whose first langauge is not English, if there were an “English for CFA” resource that could help you improve your English, specifically for reading CFA materials, would you buy it? What format would you want it in (e.g. app, website, printed book)?

Is that your side business?

Seeing whether there’s a market. If not, then no.

Try to sell the idea on Shark Tank.

This resource is not required.

I also think this is not needed

I duno, I think that if they come across a word they don’t understand , like fungible or something, they can just google it or go to investopedia.

In the place where I live, there are guys who have plans to improve their English before tackling CFA materials. Some, on the other hand, believe that their English will be improved by reading CFA materials; so they won’t waste their time and money on such the “English for CFA”. Personally, I think that improving English takes time (especially if you live and work in a non-English speaking environment) and if it is the case for me, I don’t know what to do with my English to prepare for CFA exams. And we have huge online resource and tools to look up when coming across a word or a term. So, why not just get started off with CFA materials and stop worrying about English proficiency?

p/s: To some extent, I find the English of CFA materials much easier to understand than that of some posts in AF…lol.

As a native speaker of American English, I find this thread to be discriminatory against native English speakers and request that it be nuked.