poll - PM Score

How would you rate your performance on PM? 1. 90% correct 2. 80% correct 3. 75% correct 4. 70% correct 5. 60% correct


3…probably still not enough to save me given my pitiful AM performance.

Right now, thinking about 2. Probably will get down to 5 in a week’s time.

If I had to guess… 3

I’m feeling like a 2 on PM. Now the AM section is a different story…probably 5.

  1. Okay, maybe 2 or 3.

my PM side probably right around the 68-72% mark. i am a realist- i did not crush it and i can already count you maybe 11 or so that i missed.

~ 5

1, destroyed it


How can someone predict scores- you guys suffer from overconfidence…from what I read so far, they are too many tricky questions to be able to predict. I feel someone well prepared score could fluctuate between 60-100.

I’ll go with 4 and a side of 3 on the AM

longcfa, it’s something called the “test sentiment” - just trying to see how peers did on the PM, as I am banking on the PM to save my AM with 1Q (18 points) untouched.

happyking02- I understand your objective but sorry but I dont find your test sentiment very credible and it lack statistical rationale. Its hard to predict with reasonable certainty.