POLL - Qualifying Experience

Do you think the following meets the CFAI work experience requirements ? Provide support and trade processing services to offshore investment managers as well as Fund Groups servicing Canadian-based pension fund, mutual fund, pooled fund and insurance company clients. Liaise with investment managers on trades (equity, debt, short term money market, derivatives, and foreign exchange transactions) and trade-related activity. Monitor and control cash reconciliations daily and ensure cash forecasts to Treasury are timely. Responsible for all communications, foreign exchange transactions, cash reporting, corporate action decisions, and related inquiries. Work as a part of a team to improve work flows, monitor compliance, and implement new processes and procedures. Proactively research and respond to any inquiries or problems regarding settlements internally and externally with sub-custodians, investment managers and clients.



Maybe so.

IMHO, be generic. This is verbatim what I submitted way back when: “85% of time is spent compiling/reviewing individual clients’ financial and investment information into workable financial plans, constructing asset allocation models for clients, meeting with the clients to establish their plans, implementing and servicing their accounts. 15% of time is spent speaking with clients over their concerns, performance of their accounts, placing trades, making sure allocations are maintained.”


mixed reviews so far …c’mon people lets have some more participation …