Poll: Who would have studied harder.........

had they known daj224 was going to camped out on this board for the next 12 months?

I want to pass for so many reasons, but there is one that has emerged as my greatest reason for wanting to move to level 3.

Similarly, I wonder if I should have studied less for level 1

nice. like i said, i am toning it down and want all you guys to pass, honestly. When you pass next week, no one is gonna rain on your parade, so please, let’s be fair. when u passed level I, you, too, got a hard o* good luck… this weekend I’ll be tied with an LBO model, so my posting should be minimal. be well, gents.

Only joking daj.

agree 110%

Daj, I’ve quite enjoyed your posts as a source of entertainment. Your enthusiasm obviously grated on the sensitive underbelly of the level two guys during this period of uncertainty, but next week they’ll have moved on (hopefully) and I’m totally expecting you to open up the floodgates again. Study hard!!

true … the rule of the game is simple … You Either Die A Hero (and shut the f*** up like most of us would do), Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain (like Daj did).