Poorly worded questions

Is it just me or does anyone else also thinks that the questions in Schweser vol 6 practice exams are poorly worded?

I agree. Im not touching them anymore. I feel like half the work is trying to figure out what they mean. For me its the books and the CFAI exams from here on in. The Vol 1+2 exams are just a waste of energy (and confidence).

Books are going to kill you. I have decided to give up on books. Just way too much detail info there, i am and losing track of important points, plus takes longer to read the books now. Time to study the books was 3 months ago not now. I am in fact switching my strategy to only key points in study notes, and AF. The questions in books are good, but for FSA you will die before you’ll be able to solve them. and FSA is the hardest to read in the books. CFA institute needs to make this better, or atleast provide questions that are doable and enhances understanding. Most of the FSA questions are beyond my capability.