Portable Generators

Having gone without power for several days each of the past two years due to hurricanes, I’ve decided to invest in a portable generator. My house isn’t connected to natural gas, so I can’t go that route and I’m not really interested in something that can run the entire house anyway. Based on what I want to be able to run for a few days, a generator in the 6,500 watt range is sufficient. Anyone have experience/thoughts on gasoline vs. propane generators?

For emergency purposes, it seems that propane is better. Supposedly, gasoline gets stale after a while in storage. In the long term, it is prone to evaporation or oxidation. Propane has a better shelf life, which might be better if you only plan on running the generator during natural disasters (which are probably like once every 2 years or less).

Thought this thread was in anticipation of the election turnout tomorrow.

^ thanks ohai. That is consistent with what I have been reading online, which has me leaning toward propane (the 4 hour waits for gasoline last week are another vote against gasoline). I have never really looked into a generator before though and the couple of people who I know that have one have gas, so didn’t know what to make of online reviews. I trust the folks here though.

I believe propane has the added benefit of producing fewer polutants than gasoline, which you might like if you run the generator close to your house…