Porter idiocy??

What are the chances we end up with question choices such as these? Rivalry among existing competitors in the industry is: A. very high B. moderate C. very low D. nonexistent On Porter, does the CFAI text provide standards for the subjective terms above (with the exception of nonexistent which is pretty objective)?? Does the CFAI do this on the real exam?

I’m guessing you just had a rough meeting with Book 6, exam 2AM? If it is I’m going to throw my calculator at a proctor i swear…

I think it’s 2 PM. Yes, very subjective

I did the 2AM yesterday and I think it was on there. Well there is nothing we can do about it. Its completly subjective and there really is nothing we can “study” to better prepare. I’m just cutting my losses

ah, maybe were looking at different once. I was talking about question 82 in exam 2 - PM. Question was "most accurately potrays the rivalry among existing competitors in the industry? very high moderate very low nonexistent I don’t think CFAI will throw a question list this.

Yeah - 2 PM. Such a stupid question. I got 5/6 on the vignette, the others actually made sense to me. I guess garbage like this isn’t worth worrying about as you both say…