Porter's five forces

I find it difficult to remember Porter’s five forces, not the forces themselves (bargaining power of suppliers etc) but rather to distinguish between factors belonging to the five forces and other factors belonging to, say, external factors, and to distinguish between different phenomena and whether or not they relate to (or least relate to) some of the forces. For example if threat of new entrants does or does not relate to forward integration.

Does anyone have some mnemonic to help distinguish between the forces and other factors that might show up under general industry analysis?

I used to have issues with the five forces as well. The only way I was able to get them down is by down an ass-load of practice problems.

I know thats not the best advice, but I’ve tried memorization schemes etc… and never really understood much of it until I went through 50 something questions

Well, no time for that now. Anybody else has any other idea?

Yes, there is time for that. You could do that in one day.


I was hoping for a quick fix, this is really my least favourite topic. If I’ll figure something out, other than crashing through some 50 practice problems, I’ll post it here.

You may receive other helpful feedback, but to say there is not enough time for 50 practice problems is a poor attitude! I mean, a 60 question exam takes 3 hours… Are you saying you don’t have 3 hours to spare in the next week to master a subject you are poor at?