Portfolio Analyst - Chicago - average salary

What’s the average salary of a portfolio analyst in Chicago? Its a regular portfolio analyst job, assisting the portfolio manager. -responsible for monitoring and acting upon corporate actions -portfolio rebalancing -performance monitoring etc.

BTW, I did try to google this and check salary.com but it wasn’t very enlightening.

I would guess that the average would be in the $80k ballpark. I am not from Chicago, but my estimate is making a best effort to adjust figures I know of for Chicago cost of living. My 90% confidence range would be $65k - 100k. This sounds like an entry level job for a very strong candidate, or maybe a 1-3 years experience job for a slightly weaker candidate. The estimates I gave are for all-in compensation, not just annual salary.

40k with bonus

agree with Rydex… 45k max

I would say around 50k-58k in chicago at maybe ss,ntrs or m

thanks for the feedback… its a lot less than what I’m making now… Can I say - experience in portfolio management: Priceless?

These “portfolio analyst” jobs are usually glorified operation hence the corporate actions, performance reporting etc. stuff. I’d be shocked if the base was over $50K with a $5K bonus.