Portfolio Management Contest

Anyone know of any good portfolio management contests? I’m a very competitive person and I think it would be a great idea to apply some of the concepts learned so far to a mock portfolio. I know there’s a few online, but I can’t find any where you can also short sell or use options. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I can’t help you, except to point out that it is not a good way to measure yourself against others. Some idiot will whoop you by betting the hypothetical house on some penny stock that will duly rise 300%.

investopedia lets you buy options and short stock. My advice would be to concentrate on outperforming the market while staying within certain constraints you impose on yourself. Don’t compare to others.

Excellent! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’m not in it to win since, as Etienne mentioned, most people that win do it because they risk all the money in some penny stock with high volatility hoping that it rises in time. Instead, I’m just looking for a way to develop and apply strategies. Thanks for the help!

Virtual Stock Exchange is another good one: vse.marketwatch.com

Anyone care to start a mock PM competition for CFA forum? We can set certain restrictions such as: cant risk more than 15% of your money in one security. Can only invest in stocks trading at more $5/share etc Let me know if anyone is interested.

Not too interested. I’m too busy doing this for real. Anyway, they really aren’t investment contests as much as they are volatility contests. I usually succumb to the temptation to bet the house on one idea and either end up in first place or last place (I’ve finished both ways). The last contest I was in I ended up losing 99% of the account value within 3 weeks having called the top on FXI (China) about 3 weeks early. Back in college I ran up a 300% gain on tech stocks within 1 month and sat in cash the next 4 months to end up in first place.