Portfolio Management Difficulty.

Im hearing mixed things and am not sure where to go with it. I was going to leave it til the end cause it didnt look to hard but there is some posts I went thru but they were from 2009 where they ranked PM as the hardest section from quite a few people.

What do you guys think…Is it really difficult and should I get on top of it now so that ill have good retention and wont panic if i start in may. Again I looked thru the material briefly but I do understand they could ask a wide array of questions…

whats your thoughts

Also i havent done AI. Hows that section

Thanks in advance guys,

I didn’t find AI or PM to be all that difficult (material wise), granted I haven’t done many practice problems related to either.

Just curious what order you’re going in that PM isn’t actually the last topic you’re covering?

right I’ve done Ethics, Econ, Quant, FRA, Equity and FI. But when I say I went thru those sections, I mean I know them inside out. Pretty much went in order but skipped corporate finance.

I was just wondering maybe I should hold off on corporate, AI or deriviatives and comeback to them and do PM now.

Still confused as to why its difficult or if it even is. Looks material 1 type questions. But again I briefly looked at it. And I think it’s 10-15 percent of the exam so dont want to take chances with it.

That’s why I’m asking on this forum about its difficulty.