Portfolio Management Software

Anyone have any recommendations for some kind of cheap (or free) portfolio management software? Basically I’ve reached the point where keeping track of all my positions in Excel is becoming cumbersome and inefficient. I just want something fairly basic that I can enter my positions into and it will keep track of things like capital gains/losses, dividends, holding periods, and total gains/losses etc. Thanks in advance.

moneycentral.msn.com used to have some thing you can download to do just that.

Quicken Premier?

I recall that “betterinvesting.org” had a good portfolio management software for about $150 or so. I didn’t use it because it couldn’t handle short stock positions, which, who knows, may not matter anymore. The Computerized Investing publication of the American Association of Independent Investors (great reference, virgin) had some comparison of various softwares, including quicken and Microsoft Money. I don’t have a link here but might be able to come up with something later.

check out some of the open source projects on sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php?stquery=&sort=num_downloads&sortdir=desc&offset=0&form_cat=77