Portfolio Management

I just start to read the PM material with CFAI textbooks. For Reading 68, there are already approx. 90 pages. Since CFAI recommend us to spend at least 1 week for each session. I am really curious if anyone of you here can finish reading CFAI text Study Session 18 (reading 68-72, approx. 200 pages + end of chapter questions) about a week’s time. I just want to get stuck with my study plan, but be pratical at the same time. With a full time job and already sacrafice alot of personal time, I finally it extremely difficult to read 3 hours per day! I think PM is an important topic because it is bascially the key to Level III !!! Any advice?

I can’t barely do it for ANY of the sections (because I also try to do all the problems at the end). But that’s why we’ve started studying 7 months before the exam, isn’t it? If you studied 3 hours / day for just five days a week (starting today) you would put in 432 hours of studying, which should be sufficient to pass for most of us. Given that you’ve obviously already put in any number of hours, I wouldn’t stress too much.

I’m only reading the books because Schweser isn’t here yet. It pains me to read through these things knowing how excessively detailed they are.

i try to be selective with some of the text – if they ramble on about stuff i kinda know i just skim it. and i definitely read all of the examples during chapters, i think those are more applicable than just pure text

It’s worth noting that last june’s PM section had an entire vignette on Treynor-Black while schweser probably spent less than a page talking about it. Sometimes the extreme detail of the CR can be good. Dropping an entire section can be a real setback…

Thanks for all the sharing. That’s one more thing that I would like to share and that is : That’s no point in arguing using CFAI text or Schweser anymore, the key is really depends on what type of person you are and what kind of study methods that work best for you. If you are NOT a detailed oriented person, reading the text will make you more unclear because you do not know what to focus on, thus get frustrated and really upset. If vice versa, then CFAI text will be something that you should focus on.