Portfolio Management

How much does the level 2 portfolio management overlap with the level 3 PM? Will reveiwing PM level 2 again prior to diving into level 3 material benefit me in anyway?

Thanks everyone and good luck to all of you.

I think you will find that very little of what was covered in Level 2 is overlapped in Level 3.

While PM makes up about half of the Level 3 exam, it is not covered explicitly in a seperate book or reading, but in all sections you are shown how to apply the knowledge in all other areas (Econ, Equity, FI, Alt, Derivatives etc) applies in portfolio management.

The exam questions are then scoped in the guise of applying this learning to practical asset management of these underlying assets or information.

This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense when I explain it here but will make perfect sense once you work through the readings and do practice exams/EOC etc.

Short answer - Very little of Level 2 is required for Level 3 and I never used the Schweser L2 Refresher once in the whole course.

Great thank you for your answer. Good to know. Best of luck when your results come out.

Almost not at all, thank god.