Portfolio re-balancing under AM

Who has experience in this type of role? Where does it lead to long-term? Have an interview next week. The position is more like a processing role. The team does portfolio setup and rebalancing for PM. I talked to an analyst last week. She told me it is more likely to get promoted within the team. The role I am interviewing for does portfolio setup, next step will be portfolio rebalancing…but I mean…seriously? Who wants to do this type of workforeover?

She told me very few analytical skill would be used. You just end up doing the same type of work (manually entering trade etc etc)over and over and over and over again.

Though I will be workign under AM and have more opportunities to network with managers/analyst in the industry (which isn’t offered in my current role). But given AM is huge…it isn’t easy to transfer to different teams with different functions…