Portfolio Risk Analytics & Analysis software

Does anyone have strong feelings and/or direction on which software to bring-on? We’re basically a small foundation/endowment with $450mm aum. We use Advent apx (abos outsource for data reconcilliation). We manage some satellite equity exposure in house but mainly use sub advisors across 5 asset classes. Apx is fine for tracking indiv acct and group performance, but we want to better understand composition and risk for each manager and when comparing managers against each other. We need to better identify portfolio vulnerabilities and drivers of risk at the asset, portfolio, and manager levels; what’s driving a managers’ relative and absolute performance. Maybe a MVO tool as well. I have a list of the following systems so far … any thoughts on which is the best for our situation? Thanks so much!!

Thompson Reuters Eikon ; Morningstar direct ; Sungard marketmap ; Factset ; Capital IQ ; PSN Informa ; Zephyr ; Fortigent ; and of course a Bloomberg terminal