portfolio theory

using regression model to evaluate the return on an individial asset the assets sytematic risk is estimated using the a. efficient frontier b. characteristic line c. capital market line d. security market line the answer is b. but at first I just rashed to d since SML measures systematic risk on CAPM.

I don’t like the question. Market portfolio (not CML) should be used as the independent variable in regression -> beta -> use in SML to calculate required return, etc.

Characteristic Line A line formed using regression analysis that summarizes a particular security or portfolio’s systematic risk and rate of return. The rate of return is dependent on the standard deviation of the asset’s returns and the slope of the characteristic line, which is represented by the asset’s beta. A characteristic line of a stock is the same as the security market line, and is very useful when employing the capital asset pricing model, or when using modern portfolio formation techniques. The slope of the line, which is a measure of systematic risk, determines the risk-return tradeoff. According to this metric, the more risk you take on - as measured by variability in returns - the higher the returns you can expect to earn. There is considerable controversy regarding the use of beta as a measure of risk and return.