Positive Attitude

even though 1) work hours are long 2) have a family to take of 3) got screwed on sample exam 4) will likely to get screwed again on the paid online exams 5) so much to reread and remember, and 6) not enough study time but I am still gunning for a positive outcome on Exam day.

I’m with you there except for 2). Failure just isn’t an option. I keep telling myself that I am going to annihilate this exam, even though that would defy reason.

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defy what?? there are like 50-100 regulars on the forum and how many taking L3 and I like to think we are doing more than the average bear? Why can’t we be victorious?

good job, pimp. Annihilation of the exam would defy reason in my case. I have yet to look at a past exam. But still, it will happen…

I was thinking about it last night, And I think I should be able to get at least a 50%, so these last few weeks are all about picking up 20%. I guess it all comes down to what they ask. My biggest fear is blowing a whole section in the morning becuase I forget some ratio or something…