Possible Errata?

CFA Curriculum - Volume 6 - Page 59 - the answer to question 9.C. The formula for Vt? Is that correct? it says it equals 0.00081. However, I actually did the math and it comes out to 0.000454. Anyone else get this? The actual math in the answer is WRONG. Or is my calculator busted?

I got 0.00081 Try again, maybe you will get it right now.

It has to do with rounding…I got the 0.00081 but I took a couple of tries.

One thing that always gets me is that the rates that are computed are 1 + r(t/360) and NOT (1 + r) *(t/360) I kept getting these Q’s wrong b/c I was adding 1 to the rate and then adjusting for time and not adjusting the rate first and then adding 1. just a thought.