Possible to switch Schweser Q-Bank etc to work and home?

Was wondering…can you switch or use the Schweser software on more than one computer? For instance, say I studied at home, then wanted to study at work, on that computer…is this possible to save and switch back and forth between computers?

if u have a online version, use it from any PC. with a CD version i think one can only install it on 2 computers(not sure about it)

what about like Q-Bank?

q bank can be either online or CD version.

nice. thanks!

did u get my mail the other day? check the junk mail box.

i looked for the email but did not see it. i looked in junk and in the inbox. can you send it again please!?? I was really looking forward to receiving it. Thanks!! choate05@hotmail.com p.s. who will the email be from?

you get 2 installs on the CD but i changed jobs and wanted to install it on my new work computer. I called Schweser and they unlocked for me.

i have send the mail again, i hope you get it this time(don’t know why everytime i send a mail to hotmail ID, it get lost).