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Good evening everyone, I was wondering if you all could give me some general insight on the modification/re-construction of a post college resume. I graduated in May of 2006 and have been working in my current job from August 06-present (about a year and a half). Thankfully, I passed L1 this December and have registered to take L2 this June. For a number of reasons I have decided that my current employment situation is no longer ideal and I am beginning to start a new job search. I opened up my resume file for the first time in a while to update it and I couldn’t help feeling like it was very out dated. Can any of you give me some insight about how you would structure, or for you managers out there, how you would expect a resume to look for an individual who has only been out of college for less than 2 years. I have the typcial college looking resume with the exception of my work experience now inserted. In general, should I still have my college, degree, GPA, etc. at the very top? Is this still considered a big factor considering my short tenure in the working world? Where and under what heading should I put my level II candidate status? Should I even list it at all? Unfortunately I did not have any internship experience during college but I do have some relevant projects that I did while in college listed. I figure these are pretty much worthless now. As you can imagine, I also have a number of extra curricular activities, volunteer activities, clubs, etc. that I figure at this point are worthless as well. Aside from the addition of my current work experience, CFA candidacy, and extra skills like Bloomberg and Muni software, what should I get rid of, change, move around, etc? I tried using the search function to the best of my ability and have gotten some good tips about how I should describe my accomplishments but when it came to the above listed questions I felt like I could only find topics covering college student resumes, or CFA chartered 10 year+ experience resumes. As always, your thoughts are very much appreciated. I look forward to your responses, thanks.

I haven’t been out much longer than you and my resume has work experience first. Still includes all the same academic stuff as when i was in school, minus a few lines i deleted to make space for my work experience. That being said, if you have a great academic profile (4.0 ivy league type stuff) and only so so work experience, i don’t really see anyone having an issue with your education first.

I graduated nearly a year before you, and I still put my college stuff first. I do so because I graduated summa cum laude and my work experience is so-so. If you had a good GPA (and I don’t mean 3.0), make education the first portion, and then do your reverse chronological work experience. This way, you maintain an organized layout while highlighting your strength. Work your CFA candidacy into the education portion If your work experience is weak, and you put it first, you run the risk of someone throwing your resume out before they get to the good stuff.

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