post-employment income

is it just me, or does the curriculum flip back and forth with regards to whether or not to include pension income as human capital? can anyone clarify for me?

It should be included. PV of future labor income so is part of HC.

even once you are retired?

HC becomes zero once you are dead. So IMO, if you are retired and actually getting the pension income, this will still be included in your HC. In that case, HC will be very small. It will not be a PV anymore since you are actually receiving the pension income.

thanks for the input mik82.

What parts of curriculum that are unclear about HC are you are referring to?

I agree there is a bit of an ambiguity here but I think I will take my chances that it remains Human Capital through your lifetime - except I know if have seen verbiage suggesting human capital is nil upon retirement - just another one of those ludicrous precepts that we must weather (the idea that your guaranteed retirement fund (annuity) more closely resembles human capital at the point of retirement rather than the financial asset it really is!

Exactly, JohnyMac. Mik82, I tried to find the parts in the curriculum, but my eyes were burning, and I started to care less and less by the second. Looking forward to putting this exam behind me. All the best.