Post Exam Discussion

This is a reminder to everyone on here to act in a professional and ethical way the moment you get done with your exam. Do not discuss questions which will appear on the exam when you are back. This is gentle reminder because i’ve heard of some cases where people got banned or got their exam voided because of this.

Be rational :slight_smile: … best of luck everyone. Im off to bed in 30 mins as its almost 10:30 pm and i have to wake up early to have my power coffee. My hopes are better than last time but ill give a 50/50 this year.

Good night AFers

Exams over, but I am like up from bed as early as during study times… Exam hangover not yet over for me :)) Hopefully able to come through that in a couple of days…

Hope you did well Bilal, mine is a mixed bag and dont know how well I did in the aftee :slight_smile:

That test was nasty in the am. Tricky in the pm

AM was very short on time and very tricky with answers not clearcut even if you knew the material in and out. I can’t say I know a couple of answers now even after opening the CFAI book. I even wrote the CFA on a couple of the questions in the AM as I thought either they were unfair (like two/both answers could be right as long as you justify it correctly) or in one particular question I don’t think the CFAI books adequately discussed the concept.

PM was what I expected and I had ample time to go back and work a few problems I skipped. I’m also just better at multiple choice when I can see the answer in front of me.

On a side note, did other people get confused on the first AM problem (a couple of questions in) that required you to write in the boxes? I had to scratch out a page of writing and then rewrite in the boxes. Also, I mostly was able to write my answers all on one page or maybe 1.5 pages. I hope the graders are used to spending a second or two looking for the answer of the various problems on your page of answers.

First of all, i’m a re-taker this year. I think the AM section this year is more manageable compared to 2013 exam. I managed to complete the AM problems in time but just think that i might fall into the tricky parts… For PM section, i would say there are A LOT tricky choices in the questions. Hopefully i got those correctly.

*PS: MajorNYC ,I sat in the ASIA test center, but i didn’t see the template boxes answer in question 1 as you said. So i assume the exam is in the different version??

Picsaba - it wasn’t question one. it was the first question that actually required the template boxes. it’s probably my fault as i never did any cfa mocks. if i fail band 10, that will be my downfall because the time i took to scratch out a page of writing and rewrite threw me off and caused me to rush the rest of the AM exam.

Both am and pm tested more detail than I was expecting

Found pm easier than mocks

am was fair but very long - I had to throw down garbage answers on a handful of small pt value ?s bc I ran out of time. It was easier than some mocks, definitely harder than the old CFAI exams (pre 2012).

They tested an impressive amt of material in 6 hrs

Major NYC - Oh okay, misunderstood then. Sorry for this dude.

Stjohns Im surprised you had to scramble on the AM since you were definitively crushing the mocks

I did well on the AM probably messed up 1-2 questions … but the pm was a mess for me… I fell for too many tricks i feel its gona be band 9-10 for me.

PM I too thought was tricky… AM certainly better for me too… Lets hope for the best