Post-exam doubts: Knowledge vs. Process

Anyone else less concerned about the information content of their answers and more concerned about the mechanics of the test (i.e. did I label all answers A, B, i, ii, etc.? did I write legibly enough? did I directly answer the question being asked?). Obvously still have concerns about whether I actually knew the material well enough, but those have become secondary.

Similar feelings about L1/L2 post-exam (then it was, did I mess up the bubbling?). Seems absolutely ridiculous to worry about these things given all the practice tests many of us have worked through, but still that’s where my mind goes. Hopefully it fades over the next few weeks and only manifests again right before results.

Best of luck to everyone, I hope your test results adequately reflect your knowledge of the material.

nah i wouldn’t stress about it. the CFAI is looking to award points for candidates who know the information - not penalize you for misspelling a word or whatever. caveat though: if you answered in the wrong section like writing answers on pages instead of answer boxes, or put “A” when the answer part was for subpart “B” you might be s.o.l.