Post exam feelings


Happy… free

Mixed feelings!

A bit weird and worried about how the exam went.

A bit excited and happy for all the free time.

and a bit anxious and can’t wait for the result.

Lots of free time and not knowing what to do now…

Still thinking about the items that i could not solve but no plan on checking the book to find out the correct answers haha

relief, like a huge burden being lifted off my shoulders.

I can’t belie how much more sleep i’m getting… It’s so hard to even wake up by 8:30AM now…

whereas before I was waking up exactly 6AM

I’m actually getting about the same amount of sleep - but that’s because I’m binge watching every TV show I missed during the first half of this year :slight_smile:

I can now enjoy watching FIFA World Cup 2018 ))))

Walked out last year feeling very confident.

But the result was a band 10. I was shocked that I got below 50 in CF, which I was super confident. I guess I misfilled the circles when I left one question unaswered… 1 year of my life in to the gutter.

Walked out this year feeling very confident. Seems like the questions were manageable and had around 10 guesses in the AM and PM. Hope this time I can pass and apply for level 3 next year in hopes to change my job position in 2019 August! Fingers Crossed!

It’s interesting how much a few months changes…I walked out from the exam being 100% sure I passed as I found the exam to be eaaaasy. Now after thinking about the exam for the past few months…I’m not so confident anymore. I’ll probably piss my pants next Tuesday. The worst is that I’m in Europe so the 9am is 3pm for us so I’ll have the entire day ahead of me

I am based in Shanghai and result will be out at 9PM on Tuesday. I would like to leave office early and have dinner before i see the result :slight_smile:

That’s the same time ill receive my result…hence no need to take the day off.

Same for me, I’ll probably have a couple of rounds at home before opening the mail