post exam party (new york)

I’m sure you’re all pretty ready to be done with this exam and are looking forward to kicking back as soon as it’s over. There’s going to a post cfa exam party at the Irish Lounge starting at 6 (right after the exam!) on Saturday. The party is thrown as a fundraiser for StreetWise Partners but there’s no mandatory donation or door fee or anything. Feel free to come and enjoy yourself for probably the first time in months. In case you’re not familiar with StreetWise ( , it’s a really great organization that puts together mentoring relationships between low income adults and professionals to help the former with interviewing, resume, computer skills, etc… I’ve been volunteering with them for a few years. Come, network with CFA’s and fellow candidates, put some faces to the screen names! -Greg, level 3 candidate Location: Irish Rouge 356 West 44th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

STREETWISE IS AN AMAZING ORGANIZATION! I’m a mentor in DC. Last night was my mentee’s final presentation and it was a wonderful study break for me, next week is their graduation. I definitely plan on staying involved with them. Very happy to see this post here. I’m not in NYC but would love to be at this event. Good luck to you - thanks for the post.

There’s quite a few of us going through the CFA grind in streetwise. Good hearing from you and good luck tomorrow.