Post Exam Phobia

I am a worst-case-scenario person. After the exam, I was thinking what if I was band 10. Now, I started to think about what if I was under PCP investigation?

I sit on the very edge of the level III section, last row last seat. On my left were Level II people.The whole time I never looked at the person sitting next to me but I might glance into the whole level III crowd twice? And I might massage my lower back a couple of times due to the long sit. (Don’t remember it was during the exam or after called stop)

I guess I will have to wait till Jun 22th to see if there is any letter from CFA Institutions.

That’s not a phobia.

It’s paranoia.

Buy some alcohol!)))

Are you kidding me?

i am in the same boat, same phobia.

i opened up the booklet in AM to make sure I signed the pledge as they were walking around to collect the booklet. the proctor walked around to collect my booklet as I was opening up my booklet to check. and she looked at me, and i stared back at her and told her that i was just checking.

and in the pm, i was putting my hand ins my sweatshirt pocket and taking them out.

serious phobia that i might get a letter.

i can’t even do anything about it, other than wait.

This paranoia and all other dramas we create for ourselves are direct products of living as a third person instead of a first person.

I had this dream that my manager is going over the all the mistakes I’ve made on the AM exam.

“You forgot to do this. And that. 2 points on this question”

And that she is terribly disappointed in me.

Then I wake up and realize…it’s only June 14th.

If the biggest takeaway from June 4th is some unfounded fear of PCP investigation, then I assume you must have done reasonably well on the exam.

I saw a vampire during the exam…

just don’t give the PCP to your dog… or however the story went.

I am just loosing confidence as the days are going by…anyone feeling same ?

Yeah, but I also find myself caring less as I become further and further separated from the exam. On Sunday and Monday after the exam it’s all I could think about. Now work has gotten busy, I’ve got a bunch of summer trips planned, I bought a new car, etc. I still think about it of course, but it’s not like that obsessive feeling from a few weeks ago.

Plus the ability to read for pleasure again is such a joy.

Try to find stuff to occupy your mind. Of course I’m a hypocrite typing this, but coming here doesn’t help. I find I let other people’s insecurities and fears project onto my own. I felt good right after the exam, why should I be less confident now? Because xxCFAGUY69xx said the PM was a beast and if you don’t think so you fell into a bunch of traps? Come on.

Agreed on a few levels. I’m glad to have my life back. I’ve reached out to a few friends I stopped talking to as my study ramped up. I’m actually taking some time away from everything except work now.

However, I find myself drawing strength from others weaknesses. I felt good after I left, and knowing the MPS is a sliding scale I feel better listening to everybody get nervous. Watch I’m that guy who just knows he passed and fails. Haha.