Post exam survey


What do you mean? They want feedback on the exam experience…

I got the same email and filled it out. Didn’t give specifics on which topics / subtopics I think should be / shouldn’t be tested because that would be an ethics violation…even in a CFAI sponsored survey :wink:

See you at Level II next year.

If this is the case, I’ll be right there with him…

haHA! How’s your crypto?? :stuck_out_tongue:


How’s yours?


Please let them know they should make Mock B PDF available on their website… that was some bullshit they pulled this year

What you’re (jokingly) suggesting can’t be true because I got the survey email as well :wink:

I got the survey too and i am sure i got it last year…when i was band 10! not again…Maybe they are sector rotating between last year fails vs pass this year. *please note that this is a diligent and reasonable assumption

I received a Pre Exam Survey as well in May 2018. In that email they mentioned that I will also receive the Post Exam Survey. So the candidates were already selected randomly who will receive these survey even before the exam date. Any correlation between passing/failing and receiving these survey is Spurious.

I passed level 1 in June 2017 and got the pre and post exam survey request for that exam. I believe in the e-mail they said it was randomly selected anyway.

I also received that survey before passing L2 in 2016, and guess what…

passed anyway.

Why would you tell the answer and ask people to guess?

So far we’ve got a pretty good track record of people receiving the survey and them passing.

“In July, after the exam, you will receive an invitation for the post-exam survey. Again, your feedback is extremely valuable to us and we truly appreciate your participation.”

Don’t forget that the sample could be biased, and a lot. What % of non-pass candidates has mentioned they received the survey or not vs the passed candidates. In my opinion, and heartbeat, those % are NOT equal. Additionally, it is impossible to know, never.

Passed candidates are more prompt to tell others about their “success”, and failed candidates are more reserved about.

Summing up, don’t concern too much or use this variable as a proxy for passing the exam.

You guys are both, zero-fun.

Got a post-exam survey in 2016. Passed level 1. Didn’t get post-exam survey in 2017. Failed level 2.

Got post-exam survey in 2018. Probably means I won this time?