Post Exam Survey

So how many of you got the survey? Is it a “tell” ?(like the one box - two box hypothesis)

How do you think they would go about giving clues to result before grading. Would bee some serious algo shit to give you hints and tells until final days before R-day when grading is done…

Or then again. They might use fortunetellers to predict results, and send mails recommending to apply for full membership to failing candidates only to up the dues;-)

50-54% of the people that receive the post exam survey will pass…MARK MY WORDS!

on a side note i’ve received the email three years in a row now. Fail,Pass,TBD, so my above statement holds

The committee hasn’t even came together to decide on the MPS yet, I think

What connection is there between getting the survey and passing?


Thats what I suspected

i suspect they may punish those that do not bother taking the survey

I suspect you’re wrong.