Post-Exam survey

What does it mean that I haven’t yet been asked to do a post-exam survey? I remember receiving an invite to the survey both after L1 and L2. I know they sample the pool of candidates. But it just feels, well, not so reassuring.

It means nothing. Quit worrying.

A study last year found that those who did not receive a post-exam survey were 80% more likely to have failed. It also found they were 90% more likely to believe everything they read on AF, so…

^ what kind of study is that, pls add the link.

indeed, I am very interested in reading the study that burk85 mentioned above. Please share, thanks.

Folks, turn on your sarcasm meters…

I so wish this was true since I got the post survey. But I know it’s not since the Pre-survey comes before the exam which automatically qualfies you for the Post Survey.

I think they’re only just now starting to score the AM session and I don’t believe the MPS is established until much later. I wouldn’t worry.

I got a post exam survey for level II and not level I. passed both. it doesnt mean anything


Those guys, who got pre exam surveys … must have only got post exam surveys.

Correct me if i am wrong .

Actually I hear they give you extra credit if you say nice things about the CFA Institute on it. It can add up to 1 whole item set worth of points to your exam.

Weird… I thought that study mentioned 90% more likely to fail and 99% more likely to believe AF check your sources again, I think you’re wrong

Just to clear the myth:

MPS for L3 is set in Week 7(15th-19th july) and surveys are send in week 6(8th- 12th july) …so how can they infer that who has passed; when MPS alone, has not only been set.

For L1 and L2 proceedings are done one week before.