Post Examination Trauma

I’ve seen enough posts to know that you are all paranoid about the outcome, I rid myself of this paranoia when I looked to my left and right and saw grim faced people, if the results are really based on MPS and you did your little bit to be among the better performers, you have nothing to worry about actually. Save your worries for when there’s an actual date of release of results., then by all means swing into full worry mode. Till then, enjoy the most of what you’ve missed during the period of preparation for the examination. There’s little you can do to influence the result now(pray to God, Science, whatever it is you believe in). Just my 0.02.


Try zen.

(My wife and I were looking at paint colors yesterday (we’re thinking of repainting the interior of our home); one of the colors was “zen”. Sheesh!)

Kunle, i’m sure you gave it your all, nothing we can do now but wait and hope for the best.

Lol. What colour is Zen??? Africa(n)Farmer, I sure did!