post family office careers

What would be some potential positions for a PM exiting a family office, if most of their time was not spent actively managing equities but rather manager research and selection? FoF stuff, advisory? Anything?

If you are still interested in investment manager research, investment consulting could be the way to go. Watson Wyatt, Mercer, Callan, Ennis Knupp, RogersCasey, NEPC, Cambridge, etc.

tvPM - based on your other post (pm comp), I’d assume you are interviewing for or considering an offer at a family office?

Oooh, the mosaic theory in action! :wink:

But seriously, the most obvious options are investment consulting, fund of funds, other family offices and HNW shops, and possibly relationship management, but the last is more of a stretch.

xsellside-you may be correct, we can neither confirm nor deny such statements at this time. If I was to be, which may be the case, I would like to think it would make me happy and I would stay for a long time. There is always a bit of me that wants to make sure that a move such as that would have open pastures rather than closed doors. Relationship Mgmt is definitely not something I would be interested in, but the other options sound tasty if the road ever split. xsellside or anyone-do you have experience with FO’s (MFO or SFO) or opinions?

tvPM - xsellside at gmail dot com We might have some ideas to share.

Every time I look at this thread I always think it says “post office family careers.”

What can I say, I come from a long lineage of mailmen…