Post for the LI Dec 12 and June 13 crowd

Hi there! There are a lot of posts these days about prep material (Elan or Schweser) and about study advice and strategies. I would like to highlight the ‘Search’ function on this website which is very very useful because you get opinions from past test takers over the last several years. Also, if you have any questions from readings you founf difficult, chances are that those have already been covered before and will come up if you search for them.

Best of luck to you all!

My $0.02

No matter what materials you use it is very important to save at least 3-4 weeks at the end for review.

Study Ethics from the CFAI books

Make sure solve all the EOC questions in the CFAI books at least twice (once after covering each reading and then again in the last month during your final review)

Good advice Capitan America.

Really everything that possibly can pops up in someone’s mind, has already been “asked” and “answered” on this forum before. The search function is so good that i even didnt feel the need to register here until i passed level 1. angel

Anybody else notice the irony of “Captain America” being from Bahrain?