Post here if you will use Immodium AD

I know I will, dont want to chance getting the sh1ts on exam day…

Hmmm, maybe that’s a good idea…possibly helps to prevent the embarrassing situation of the proctor asking, “Excuse me sir, but what is that brown smudge on your admission ticket?”…Dark chocolate also works well for those who don’t want to take drugs such as Immod AD, but can potentially have aforementioned smudge problem.

Insert funniest post ever here…

i’ve already planned on it…

That’s funny you posted this! I am a user myself. I didn’t for L1 and I had the runs in the middle of the test. They would only let one person in the bathroom at once for fear of cheating, and I almost didn’t make it. Once it was my turn since there could be no one else in there, I was literally running to the toilet with my pants already pulled down. I made it only in the nick of time. Yes, Immodium is the way to go. Hedge your risks. The option premium is very cheap on this.

1 Less thing to worry about.

whats immodium AD?

U serious CSK… Stops the sh’ts.

I need Immodium just reading this post!1 omg I laughed so hard! Excellent idea , when do you guys take it, a night before or morning of?

bigwilly Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > U serious CSK… Stops the sh’ts. is it so you wouldnt want to take a sh1t? I actually order a couple of astronaut’s pampers. Going to sport them like stewy from Familiy Guy. Should be fun

Take it morning of. I think you pop 2. Its used when you have diarhea but you know its an insurance policy. The cost you pay is that you might not crap till later that day, no harm no foul…well the smell might be foul… “applause”…

#2 is usually not a problem. #1 is.

isn’t there like a water pill you can take, or wait i think that makes you go #1…hmmmm just hold it in. :slight_smile:

omg I think I’ll try it… hehehe that is too funny, … is it like having a put option on a cra& or is it a forward? yeah more like a forward…hehe

I think it’s more a like a long put. You can take the immodium if you need to otherwise the max loss is the cost of the immodium :wink:

I’m an asstronut. I will wear diapers.

hehe good point Analysethis, however after you take the damn thing you are commited… at least for a day or two lol!!! hehehe.

Just go dude… just go