Post-Interview follow up

I had a phone interview about 3 weeks ago and an in-person one about 2 weeks ago. I thought they went very well, and the job would work best for the firm and myself. I followed up after the in-person interview with thank you notes. They mentioned they would have the job posted for 3 more weeks and would decide what to do after that period. Next Friday is the 3 weeks, I called HR (a couple days ago) to try and get some info how the interview process but they didn’t provide much. Was wondering if anyone had thoughts on following up with the hiring manager and reiterating my interest and qualifications? If so when and how long? Just the hiring manager or others…? My thinking was to follow up middle of next week with a note, but the length of my draft note is rather long, I think it needs to be shorter… Any other thoughts would be most appreciated.