Post Interview Thank You goats

I have always sent Thank-you goats after my interview but it seems that sending a home raised goat could be a differentiator in this competitive market.Has anyone done this ? Do you just rasie a sheep or you use one of those generic Thank-you calves ??

What if I don’t have a home raised goat, can I send a Dolly?

two calves do the job. Anything more makes you look like a desperate douchebag.

How about a shaved goat?

I always send a ‘Thank You Tote’ like this one:

Hence the goat. Billy Collins Jr. Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- I would definitely not overdo it with thank you notes. Just send a couple of words to all the people you talked to by email, if you really have to send something. Recruiters love to talk about thank you notes and how they supposedly help differentiate you from all other candidates, but that’s only because recruiters need to show that they are anything more than a walking Rolodex. Hence ideas such as handwritten thank you notes and follow up calls. In my experience the only thing that really matters is how you perform on the interview. Nagging people by following up by phone or sending cards will only pi$$ them off. When you’re getting 100+ emails per day the last thing you want to see is a bull$hit “thank you email” which adds no value whatsoever. The only justification for this that I can think of is if you were asked to send a sample of your work (e.g. research reports, presentations, maybe an Excel spreadsheet) after the interview. Then you can add a few words about how it was nice to talk, hope to hear soon, etc.

Yeah, sorry posted in the wrong thread.

To be safe, just give the interviewer ‘the goat’ on your way out the door:

i usually send a picture of my cockandballs.

tops123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i usually send a picture of my cockandballs. post interview thank you scrotes

You guys are out of f’n control.

purealpha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You guys are out of f’n control. Yes, but we all got the job. That’s what counts.

I hand delivered a photcopied picture of my scrotes and got the job on the spot.

I just usually give them an autographed 8 x 10 glossy.