Post Level 2 Burn Out.

…can’t shake this funky feeling of being down and melancholy and I find myself just unable to adjust to my new found freedom. I thought I be bouncing off the walls and celebrating every night of the week but that does not seem to be the case. Instead I feel like my life has suddenly been marginalized. I am haunted by very livid nightmares where I am running out of time on exam day. I signed up for golf lessons and bought my self an Ipod (as I promised myself) but still can’t shake this moody feeling. I put away the study notes and CFAI texts and I bought myself a book on Amazon and subscribed to the Economist but can’t seem to concentrate on what I am reading. I know it is said with the best intention but can’t handle friends and family asking me “How I did” or telling me “they’re sure that I passed”. It just sends me into a deeper funk. I find moments of overwhelming anxieties when I start thinking about the exam and all the sacrifices and time I put into preparing for it and only to get another “F”… it’s a dreadful feeling. Not looking for anyone to hold my hand but just want to throw out my post L2 experience.

I hear you man. I felt lousy (I’m 99% sure I failed) after the test, and still feel like there’s this constant cloud over me. Boo-urns. I just did not understand all these people high-fiving after the exam. Unless they are sure they passed it, wtf are you celebrating? The only time I would ever celebrate is after I pass a test, and there is a 100% probability I passed it (because they just told me). Wish it were next April already so I could finish this thing off.

It happens: Just fight it off and get your game back. I’m married, so it’s just like normal for me. If you’re a more spritely, less-married fellow, you need to get back in the game.

After L1, I pretty much forgot about the CFA program until about a week before the results were due. Then I started to stress and obsess. For L2, it started the next day. And we have an extra few weeks to stew. Can’t get it out of my head!

Happening to me as well.

I don’t like the pretty sure comments of relatives and friends about me passing the exam, because deep in myself I now the chane of failure is pretty big, but I accepted the idea. And I dont’t feel stessed. If it happens that I don’t pass this year, I’ll do this the next year. It’s not such a big deal. People do fail sometimes but it’s not the end of the world. I enjoy watching stupid movies and have some time with my kid and my housband and I enjoy my work again (it was marginal for me before the exam). I believe you are tired of all the efforts you did for the exam and it’s a question of some time to relax a little bit. Just give yourself the time.

I also hate the “I’m sure you passed” comments. I know they’re just being polite, but it it still is very frustrating. I’ve been in a pissy mood (Can we say that here?) since I wrote, too. I don’t think it’s even related to pass/fail (I’m about 50/50 at this point)… I can’t focus, I’m lazy, I don’t like hanging out with friends, and I’ve been less-than-motivated at work. So, I know what you mean. Hopefully the feeling will fade, but I assume it’ll be about a week before I have to start studying again… there’s no winning.

Weak, just keep studying.

I can understand the burnout feeeling, but I would say I’ve had somewhat the opposite effect - I’ve been going out almost every night of the week. You just need to put it aside guys. Relax. Chill. There’s nothing you can do to change anything right now. Take the next 2 months and try to unwind. Don’t get me wrong, I have the same feeling of stress lingering in the back of my mind as well, but what can I do? It’s like whining about a girlfriend breaking up with you. The feeling sucks, but hey, whining isn’t going to solve anything. So… F her. Take the free time you have and find some other chicks (literally, and metaphorically)!

Thank you all! No disagreement with any of the above… Jcoles - thanks for the link. I am married with a mortgage too. So that is whole other aspect as you can attest too. Team Alex - +1 on the less than motivated at work. TheLegend - “Go Hard or Go Home” was my mantra for the last 8 months but just not feeling it these days PistolPt - I think there will be a rude awakening for many L2 candidates come the third week in August. ATH - this is a repeat for me and I do not think the wait is going to be any better this time around either. Have a great summer!!!

The accepted notion is that these feelings will disappear after one passes Level 2. The CFA process has been compared to being initiated into a fraternity/sorority. The hazing begins with level 1 and level 2, and level 3 is the final dinner where one is required to give a speech and present a joke. Immediately following is chugging out of the fraternity/sorority giant victory cup.

“Smart people fail. Smarter people dust themselves off and get back on the horse.” I’m just gonna go by the assumption that I failed and live my life. If I pass, well that’s a surprise.

vik2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “Smart people fail. Smarter people dust themselves > off and get back on the horse.” > > I’m just gonna go by the assumption that I failed > and live my life. If I pass, well that’s a > surprise. +1

Oh great to know that i am not the only one suffering from post L2 burn out. I had a depressing week but managed to relax past 3 days. My work performance is going bad. I expected the quality will improve since I took the exam which had overwhelming amount of information thus work shouldn’t be a big deal after that. I still don’t find work as hard but I am going really slow and can’t concentrate well. Having fluctuating and irritable mood as well. Can’t stand being with family for long too lol. Trying to re-connect socially to survive and enjoy my time.

the “I’m sure you passed” gets so f’ing old after a while

I am extremely sick of the, “Oh, I’m sure you passed” comments. While I understand they mean to be encouraging, I typically counter with, “Well, very smart people have failed this exam, so there are no guarantees, but thanks for the vote of confidence!” My girlfriend in particular has adapted well because we’ve talked about it so much. She no longer says anything like, “I’m sure you’ve passed”. More common are comments like, “You’re going to pass this exam. If for some reason you didn’t get it this time, you and I both know you’re going to do it the next.”

I’m just anxious as hell to get the result so hopefully I can use it to lever an equity research gig. I passed Level 1 last December, waiting on L2 result from June, and am fully ready to blast right into starting L3 ASAP. Burnout be damned! You only live once, suck it up, hope for the best, and make it happen.

my girlfriend said to me a week ago, “i’m sure you passed, you studied SO MUCH for it.” That one stung.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Muhammad Ali (?)

vik2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “Smart people fail. Smarter people dust themselves > off and get back on the horse.” > > I’m just gonna go by the assumption that I failed > and live my life. If I pass, well that’s a > surprise. Great quote…exactly my mindframe going into it.