Post move to Asset Management from IT consulting

So finally the day has arrived for me. I am evaluating a potential offer that will require me to work with a startup asset manager focused on helping institutions and high net worth private clients. The work will involve analyzing capital markets, developing asset allocation models, automating process to produce quarterly client reports, helping with client relations and if time permits bring in new business. As such business development is not focus. Given my background in management and high end IT consulting I want to make sure I ramp up very quickly on the new job and outperform expectations. I understand there are very smart people here. Do any of you currently work in similar role or are have worked in past? Looking for some tips that will help me do the right things in 1st two weeks, 1st 60 days and 1st 90 days, as partners perception of me in these periods will set the tone for the years ahead. Any books, excel trainings, templates if you used… How is growth potential from here?

Nah, it’s a pretty relaxed job and a good gig.

The worst interview line in the world is “hit the ground running”. Similarly just try and take as much mundane work off the hands of those around you as you possibly can, that’s the single best way to ingratiate yourself.

The right thing of course is to do what you are doing here. Keep asking your partners questions to define what it is that they want. Then deliver and let them know you are delivering. Communicate openly, manage their expectations and you’ll be fine. One rule of thumb: however long you think something will take you, it will likely take 50% more time - unforeseen events and the like. I always establish a deadline of roughly twice what I think it will take me in an ideal world because the real world doesn’t play along. You can always manouevre if pressed and still have breathing room. Best of all is when you underpromise and overdeliver. That is what we call exceeding expectations.

Muddahudda, Agree with what you say. I will need to read in between lines to know exactly what they are looking for. The 100% rule of thumb is pretty practical. Now that I am appearing for the level 3 exam this June, confident of the tools but will have to be extra diligent about applying them, bringing in new insights and adjust myself to pace they follow. Fingers crossed. Hoping to stay out of trouble and if possible exceed expectations.