Post-Test Limbo

Took L1 in June, waiting for August 6th with about as much excitement as a root canal. In the meantime, what does everyone recommend doing? Reviewing L1 material, exploring L2 offerings, etc?


Find the best war game you can and amerce yourself in it. It’s great stress relief. “War of Rights” is my favorite.

How did you feel like you did? If you took the test concerned then review - will only help for level 2 as it is just applying those concepts to cases (as you know)

If that doesn’t work, you can try _ immersing _ yourself instead.

(Note: amerce is, in fact, a very interesting word of which, I’d venture to say, 98% of the English-speaking world has never heard.)

I learned a new word today.

Jim Wendler, a fairly accomplished powerlifter, has said “Sometimes, instead of what you do in the weight room, it’s what you don’t do that leads to success.”

I’d posit that mentally and emotionally stressful pursuits are similar. If you didn’t pass, you’ll have a minimum of 4 months to prepare to take L1 again, and your score breakdown will give you a decent idea of where you should focus. If you did pass, you will have ~10 months to prepare for L2 (and again, an idea of what your weakest areas are).

Go for a walk/hike. Pet a dog. Do something you enjoyed in your pre-CFA life. Rest and relaxation help you recover prior to another long slog of studying.